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Strength of our company

Our company sells film thickness measuring equipment for plating and painting, such as fluorescent X-ray film thickness gauge, electrolytic type film thickness gauge.

There is abundant equipment line up necessary for film thickness measurement


Maintenance and support system of products purchased by customers is thorough


We will propose product selection and usage method according to your request. Also we can change to customize for you

Proposal capability and correspond capability

We deal with various types of film thickness gauges, so we will propose a device that meets the purpose of the customer, depending on the type and measured and the result output method


We have various film thickness gauges by estimation principle. We will propose optimum measuring equipment to solve problems such s fluorescent X-ray fluorescence coating thickness tester We offer solutions from our company keeping a wide line up
Proposal for equipment selection
Consultation on objectives such as experiment object

Consultation on objectives such as experiment object

Various consultations are also accepted.
「I want to measure the thickness of the printed circuit board Copper」
「How do you measure the thickness of multilayer plating?」
We will respond seriously to your concerns and some problem about film thickness measurement

Device customization

Customization of measurement equipment is also accepted.
If there is a problem of film thickness measurement which cannot be solved with exciting products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We will propose the optimal solution for your company with our years of experience and technical power


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