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Company Guide

Our products are utilizes by the ministry of economy, trade and industry’s industrial inspection site, industrial testing laboratory of each prefecture, various inspection institutes, research laboratories of each company and plating industry. Adopted as a standard measuring imstrument in the JIS standard setting of Ministry of International Trade and Industry, has contributed to the improvement and development of surface treatment and quality control.
Please use our film thickness meter for film thickness measuring equipment for quality control such as plating, painting etc.

Company Profile

  • Web Ctalog
  • Webカタログ
  • 各カタログをWEB上にてご覧頂けます。iPhoneやiPadでもご覧頂けます。

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Three Structure

  • 電測の3つのつよみ
  • 導入いただいた機器の点検・修理のお申し込みは下記からご依頼ください。

  • The Request For Repair

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