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Electrolytic Thickness Tester CT-3

Electrolytic thickness tester CT-3

Lightweight, compact body
High operability and functionality correspond to various plating measurements

・ Lightweight, compact body with a body weight of 3.0 kg
・Measurement is possible from any plating range
・Add high sensitivity range
・Carbrate range is as wide as ±15
・C gasket range standard equipment

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Features of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-3

Light and compact

It is a very lightweight and compact body.

Supports various plating measurements

Measure from any plating range.

High sensitivity range addition

I added a high sensitivity range.

Wide carbureted range

The carburete range is as wide as & plusmn; 15%.

1/100 range possible

Similar to Au and Cr, other plating can be in the 1/100 range.

C gasket range standard equipment

A and B gaskets are also equipped with C gasket range as standard.

Active features

With the active function, it smoothly measures the sample that participated a little.

Easy to set range

It is a conscientious design that makes it easy to set the plating range to be measured and it is difficult to make a mistake.

Accessories of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-3

Measuring table Setting is very easy!
Standard accessories ・1 Test Solution(100ml)
・1 wash bottle
・1 waste bottle
・Measuring table
・Cell A、B
・Gasket A、B、C
・Thickness standard(Ni/Fe), 1 cleaning suspension(100 ml), Syringe, Cup and stirring tube 1 set, fuse and instruction manual

Option of electrolytic thickness tester CT-3

WT WT (wire tester) is required to measure wire parts and small parts with a width of 1.7 mm or less.
Standard accessories
・Anode Jig

・WT(wire tester)


The film thickness gauge of the electric measurement is JIS (Japanese Standard Industry) H8501, H8610-8619, STM (American Society for Testing and Materials) B504-82, MIL (US Standard), ISO (international standard) 2177, DIN ( It is an international measuring instrument that conforms to the German standards) 50932, 50955, etc. and is certified with CoCool.

Specification of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-3

Range of measurement 0.006~300μm
Minimum resolution 0.125μ/second or 0.0125μ/second,0.00125μ/second
Body accuracy ±1%
Unit of measurement μm,nm (Direct reading by LED display)
Measurement area When using a type A gasket 3.4mmφ
When using a type B gasket 2.4mmφ
When using a type C gasket 1.7mmφ
Power supply AC100V(115V,200V,230V)、50/60Hz
Body size H121×W240×D181mm
Weight 3.0kg(Only body)

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Various combinations of base and plating and electrolytic reagents

Plating type Test Solution Base
Copper K-44 Iron, aluminum, nickel, permalloy, silver, kovar, molybdenum, stainless steel,
K-52 Brass, Beryllium Copper, Lead, Zinc Die-cast, nickel white, Tin, Kadomi
Nickel K-54 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, inconel, molybdenum, tungsten, stainless steel,
Nonmetal, chrome
Electroless nickel K-57 Iron, aluminum, kovar, nonmetal, stainless steel, molybdenum
Chrome K-51 Iron, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, nonmetal, inconel
Zinc K-46 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, nonmetals, tin, tungsten
Tin K-47G Iron, nickel, nickel silver, nickel white, permalloy, kadomi, non metal
K-51 Aluminum
K-50 Copper, brass
Gold K-56 Brass, copper, nickel, electroless nickel, nickel white, cobalt
Silver K-44 Iron, aluminum, nonmetal, permalloy, kovar
K-48 Brass, copper, tin, nonmetal
K-48G Nickel, Nickel silver, Nickel white
Solder K-44 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, nonmetal
Cobalt K-54 Iron, brass, copper, nonmetal
Brass K-44 Iron, aluminum, nonmetal
Surface treatment solution N-64 Adherence removal solution after nickel measurement
C.S. Cleaning suspension …For removing dirt on the object to be measured and for polishing resin

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