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Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

0.006 to 300 microns, various thickness
High precision measurement of multilayer plating

・Easy-to-see screen and easy to operate
・Current accuracy is much higher than before
・Confirmation of surface treatment method of measurement unit
・Multilayer film can set measurement conditions of up to 5 layers
・Up to 50 measurement channels can be registered

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Features of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

Easy-to-see screen, easy to operate

It became easy to operate due to the large, bright and easy-to-see Japanese display dialog.

Improved current accuracy

The current accuracy has been significantly improved than before.

Confirmation of surface treatment method is possible

You can check the surface treatment method of the measurement part.

Maximum 5-layer measurement conditions can be set

The multi-layer film can set up to 5 measurement conditions.

Up to 50 channels can be registered

A maximum of 50 measurement channels can be registered.

Pure tin and alloy tin layers can be measured separately

Tin plating can be measured separately for pure tin and alloy tin layers.

Automatically display the type of electrolyte used

The combination of film and substrate automatically displays the type of electrolyte used.

Direct data transfer to EXCEL

You can transfer data directly to the computer EXCEL.

Statistical processing function

It has statistical processing function and data can be displayed on the screen.

five data processing methods

There are 5 types of data processing methods.

Print out in Japanese

The printer uses thermal roll paper and can print out in Japanese.

weight calculation per unit area

You can calculate the weight per unit area.

Double nickel, tri nickel easily measure the potential difference

Using a combination of a reference electrode and a recorder makes it easy to measure the potential difference between double nickel and trinickel (optional).

Measurement screen

Measurement screen

Statistics selection screen

Statistics selection screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

Statistics display screen

EXCELTransfer screen (PC)

EXCELTransfer screen

Accessories of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

Measuring table Setting is very easy!The round bar is also OK with one touch!It is particularly suitable for continuous measurement of the same style.
Standard accessories ・1 Test Solution(100ml)
・1 wash bottle
・1 waste bottle
・Measuring table
・Cell A、B
・Gasket A、B、C
・Thickness standard(Ni/Fe), 1 cleaning suspension(100 ml), Syringe, Cup and stirring tube 1 set, fuse and instruction manual

Option of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

WT WT (wire tester) is required to measure wire parts and small parts with a width of 1.7 mm or less.
Standard accessories
・Anode Jig

・WT(wire tester)


The film thickness gauge of the electric measurement is JIS (Japanese Standard Industry) H8501, H8610-8619, STM (American Society for Testing and Materials) B504-82, MIL (US Standard), ISO (international standard) 2177, DIN ( It is an international measuring instrument that conforms to the German standards) 50932, 50955, etc. and is certified with CoCool.

Specifications of Electrolytic thickness tester CT-4

Range of measurement 0.006~300μm
Minimum resolution 0.125μ/second or 0.0125μ/second,0.00125μ/second
Body accuracy ±1%
Unit of measurement μm,nm (Direct reading by LED display)
Measurement area When using a type A gasket 3.4mmφ
When using a type B gasket 2.4mmφ
When using a type C gasket 1.7mmφ
Power supply AC100V(115V,200V,230V)、50/60Hz
Body size H181×W287×D302mm
Weight 5.8kg(Only body)

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Various combinations of base and plating and electrolytic reagents

Plating type Test Solution Base
Copper K-44 Iron, aluminum, nickel, permalloy, silver, kovar, molybdenum, stainless steel,
K-52 Brass, Beryllium Copper, Lead, Zinc Die-cast, nickel white, Tin, Kadomi
Nickel K-54 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, inconel, molybdenum, tungsten, stainless steel,
Nonmetal, chrome
Electroless nickel K-57 Iron, aluminum, kovar, nonmetal, stainless steel, molybdenum
Chrome K-51 Iron, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, nonmetal, inconel
Zinc K-46 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, nonmetals, tin, tungsten
Tin K-47G Iron, nickel, nickel silver, nickel white, permalloy, kadomi, non metal
K-51 Aluminum
K-50 Copper, brass
Gold K-56 Brass, copper, nickel, electroless nickel, nickel white, cobalt
Silver K-44 Iron, aluminum, nonmetal, permalloy, kovar
K-48 Brass, copper, tin, nonmetal
K-48G Nickel, Nickel silver, Nickel white
Solder K-44 Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, nonmetal
Cobalt K-54 Iron, brass, copper, nonmetal
Brass K-44 Iron, aluminum, nonmetal
Surface treatment solution N-64 Adherence removal solution after nickel measurement
C.S. Cleaning suspension …For removing dirt on the object to be measured and for polishing resin

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