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Eddy current type Film Thickness Tester D-20

Eddy current type Thickness Tester D-20

Compactness portable size
Film thickness meter to meet the needs of the times

・2.0kg lightweight and compact
・Measurement starts at the same time as switching on and Measurement time is also within 1 second
・High stability (& plusmn; 1%), high accuracy by crystal oscillation method
・Nondestructive, 100% inspection is possible
・No conversion required because it is a direct reading type

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Characteristics of Eddy current type Film Thickness Tester D-20

Lightweight and compact

You can carry it.

Measurement is possible immediately

Measurement is possible at the same time as turning on the switch.The measurement time is also within 1 second.

High stability (& plusmn; 1%), high accuracy

High stability (& plusmn; 1%), high accuracy by crystal oscillation method,

100% inspection is possible

Since it is nondestructive, 100% inspection can be performed.

No need for conversion

Direct reading, no conversion required.

Supports various measurements

It is possible to measure the film on metal, plating, painting, resin etc. (Example: oxide film on aluminum, plating such as zinc on iron, painting).

Become various measuring instruments

By simply replacing the scale plate, it becomes various dedicated measuring instruments.

Measuring area 3m㎡ or more

Correspond to measuring area of 3m㎡

Measurement of metal films on nonmetals

It can measure metal films on nonmetals (example, plating on plastic).

Measurement is also possible inside curved surfaces, spherical bodies, and pipes

It is also possible to measure curved and spherical bodies.In addition, the inner surface of the pipe etc. can also be measured (& phi 12.7 mm or more).

Judgment of difference of material

You can judge the difference of the material.

Measurement principle

Measurement principle width=   When the probe (probe coil) with high frequency current is brought close to the metal, an eddy current is generated in the metal surface. The eddy current is influenced by the strength and frequency of the high frequency magnetic field, the conductivity of the metal, the thickness, the shape, etc., and the penetration depth and the size differ.
And the eddy current flows so as to cancel the high frequency magnetic field of the probe, so the high frequency resistance value of the probe changes. This change in high frequency resistance is amplified and displayed on a meter. By doing this, the film thickness value can be read from the runout of the meter. Since the film thickness value and the runout of the meter are generally not proportional, use a scale directly to read the film thickness value directly.

Specification of Eddy current thickness tester D-20

Power supply 8 AA batteries, AC 100 V when using an AC adapter
Weight 2.0kg
Size 250(W)×186(D)×89(H)mm
Oscillation frequency A 107.8kHz B 431kHz C 1725kHz D 6.9MHz

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Probe specifications of Eddy current thickness tester D-20

1.Scope of probe effect
 When using extra-fine probe
2.Probe cord length 900mm
3.Measurable on a curved surface depending on the type of guide
4.Probe type MP type …For plano-convex surfaces (standard)
MPG type …For plano-convex surfaces (with guides)
SM type …For flat and convex surfaces (very thin)
RP type …For concave surface, inner pipe surface
SR type …For small diameter pipe inner surface
The above probe has 4 types of A, B, C and D depending on the film thickness to be measured.
5.Probe guide #180:For plane measurement
#120:φ25~60mm For convex surface measurement

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