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Eddy current thickness tester DMC-211

Eddy current thickness tester DMC-211

High speed and operability
Short time, nondestructive measurement is suitable for 100% inspection

・Suitable for nondestructive measurement and 100% inspection within 1 second
・Easy operation of calibration, measurement etc. by using PC
・Put the probe on the measurement object and release it automatically to take the measured value
・Characteristic curve (calibration curve), standard 70 memory
・Company name, part number, lot No., registered for each channel

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characteristic of Eddy current thickness tester DMC-211

Digital display of readings, reading

Most films on metal (oxide film on aluminum, plating and coating of zinc and chrome on iron), most metal films on nonmetal (plating on plastic etc) Nondestructive measurement in a short time (within 1 second), perfect for 100% inspection.

Easy operation by using a PC

Using a PC makes it easy to perform calibration and measurement operations. Various measurement modes can be selected, and measurement of small parts such as screw heads and wires and die casting products is easy.

Incorporates [Auto Import] mode

In the "Auto-capture" mode, you can automatically capture measured values simply by placing the probe on the object and releasing it.

A lot of characteristic curve (calibration curve) memory

70 automatically stored characteristic curves (calibration curves) are stored as standard. Special materials, etc. can be newly created and input with characteristic curves (calibration curves) if there is a standard plate.

Corporate information channel registration function

You can register the company name, part number, and lot number for each channel.
Total number of channels: 40 channels

equipped with statistical processing function

Measurement data can be saved for each channel, and statistical items can be set later for statistical processing.

Measurement unit

Measurement unit is mm, & m; m, mil, MI, & Aring;
The unit can be changed at any time, and the measured value is converted automatically.

Measurement principle

Measurement principle   When the probe (probe coil) with high frequency current is brought close to the metal, an eddy current is generated in the metal surface. The eddy current is affected by the strength, frequency, conductivity of the metal, thickness, shape, etc. of the high frequency magnetic field, and the penetration depth and its size differ.
And since the eddy current flows so as to cancel the high frequency magnetic field of the probe, the high frequency resistance value of the probe changes.Since the magnitude of the change in high frequency resistance is generally not proportional to the film thickness value, it is converted to a film thickness value in light of the internal or user-created characteristic curve (calibration curve), and the personal computer screen is displayed.

Specification of Eddy current thickness meter DMC-211

Model (body) Dermess DMC-211 model
principle Eddy current method
Measurement mode Thickness measurement
Channel quantity 40 channel
Data capacity 100,000 data
display By PC monitor screen
Statistical processing Maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, histogram, upper / lower limit setting
Power supply AC100~240V、50/60Hz  10VA(body)
Weight 3.0kg
Size 280(W)×230(D)×88(H)mm

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Probe specification of Eddy current thickness tester DMC-211

1.Scope of probe effect
 When using extra-fine probe
2.Probe cord length 900mm
3.Measurable on a curved surface depending on the type of guide
4.Probe type MP type …For flat and uneven surface (standard)
MPG type …For flat uneven surface (with guide)
SM type …For flat and uneven curved surfaces (very thin)
RP type …Concave surface, for pipe inner surface
SR type …For small diameter pipe inner surface
There are four types of the above probes, A, B, C and D, depending on the film thickness to be measured.
5.Probe guide #180:For plane measurement
#120:φ25~60mmFor convex surface measurement

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