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QNIx series

QNIx series

Easy to make film thickness measurement that was troublesome
Portable film thickness meter to increase production efficiency

Product that can measure film thickness only with ultra-lightweight compact instrument and probe without carrying heavy film thickness meter, That is the QNIx series.
No cable by wireless measurement.In addition to facilitating the transfer of measurement data to a personal computer, it also contributes to the prevention of falling accidents during measurement.

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Features of QNIx series

Accurate film thickness measurement without film calibration

Delivery with 16Point calibration data input from factory.This eliminates the need for cumbersome film calibration and allows accurate film thickness measurement.

New technology of film thickness measurement data transfer

Conventional measuring instruments use a cable to connect the measuring instrument and a PC to transfer measurement data. The QNIx series uses "Wireless Dongle" which is transferred simply by plugging it into a USB port.Measurement data can be viewed more quickly and easily.

Ultra-lightweight wireless measuring instrument

The data measured by the probe is transmitted to the main unit by radio.It reduces the risk of getting stuck in the cable as in the conventional product, getting in the way, or causing a fall accident.In addition, the weight of the probe is 30g ultra-light weight, and it is not necessary to carry heavy instruments.

It is hard to break and does not leave a trace on the measurement object

The QNIx series of probes is surrounded by reinforced plastic and its durability is increased by 30%.Even in the unlikely event of a failure, the time to repair will be reduced because disassembly and repair are easy.In addition, a ruby chip is attached and it can be measured safely without damaging the sample (sample).

Features of QNIx series
Features of QNIx series

Free quality 3 year warranty

We guarantee perfect after-sales service in a technical partnership with Germany's Automation Dr. Nix.Only because we have confidence in the quality we guarantee a 3-year free warranty.

※ Regular test, test report, damage due to improper handling (case damage, lost battery cover, etc.) body and probe coupling in the wrong way, battery fluid leak, battery electrode mixture, ruby chip damage, 3 years It is not covered by the free warranty.

QNIx series comparison specification table

  QNIx 8500 QNIx
QNIx 7500 QNIx Carcheck System QNIx Handy
Measurable film 【F】On the iron stock material, Nonmagnetic coating
【N】Nonconductive coating on nonferrous material
【FN】Nonmagnetic and nonconductive coatings on iron and nonferrous materials
【FN】Nonmagnetic and nonconductive coatings on iron and nonferrous materials 【FN】Nonmagnetic and nonconductive film thickness on iron and aluminum materials
Material recognition Iron and non-ferrous material
Automatic recognition exchange
Iron and non-ferrous material
Automatic recognition exchange
User-specified conversion Iron and non-ferrous material
Automatic recognition exchange
Iron, non-ferrous, automatic recognition mode conversion
Measurement principle 【F】Magnetic flux(Hall-Effect)
> Measurement range 0~2,000μm
0~3,000μm 0~2,000μm
0~5,000μm 0~500μm
1μm 0.1μm 0.1μm、1μm 5μm
Configuration format 0 point correction
User calibration:1
【M】100 pieces
0 point correction 0 point correction No calibration function No calibration function
accuracy ±(1μm+2%)
(2mm or more)
±(2μm+3%) ±(1μm+3%) ±(1μm+2%)
(2mm or more)
Measurement speed 1,500ms
(About 40 times/Minutes)
(About 65 times/Minutes)
(About 37 times/Minutes)
(About 70 times/Minutes)
(About 46 times/Minutes)
(About 40 times/Minutes)
(About 100 times/Minutes)

> Portable film thickness meter model code guide

【F】Nonmagnetic film thickness measurement on ferrous metals

【N】Non-conductive film thickness measurement on non-ferrous metals

【FN】Film thickness measurement on iron and non-ferrous materials with one probe

【T】Micro probe

【M】Measurement data memory function, data transmission to PC

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