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Support・After Follow

We thoroughly follow-up the equipment We have introduced In the industry, there seems to be cases in which it does not correspond to maintenance trouble of equipment that has been over 10 years old At our company, maintenance will be carried out as long as the device moved for the lifetime We are working to ensure that customers can use it with confidence after introduction

Regular Maintenance

At our company, we will inform you of regular maintenance in advance as we approach the inspection period you registered We provide alternative machines at inspection and provide maintenance service so as not to hinder measurement work。

Follow-up to the world wide
(X-ray fluorescence coating thickness tester)

X-ray fluorescence coating thickness tester for customers using X-ray fluorescence coating thickness tester, we will provide after-sales service such as business trips, inspections and repairs throughout Japan After registering the period of regular inspection etc. Beforehand, we will contact you to follow business trips

Fast repair correspondence

We will promptly respond to requests for sudden repair of products by providing alternative machines etc. In order for customer’s measurements to proceed smoothly, we aim to respond promptly Depending on the conditions, it may not be accepted


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Three Structure

  • 電測の3つのつよみ
  • 導入いただいた機器の点検・修理のお申し込みは下記からご依頼ください。

  • The Request For Repair

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